Dearborn residents attend council meeting, frustrated with city’s flood response

Residents believe there’s disparity in treatment, resources between east and west Dearborn

Frustrated Dearborn residents pack city council meeting, demanding answers on flood damage

DEARBORN, Mich. – Tuesday night’s Dearborn City Council meeting was packed and required overflow areas to seat those in attendance.

There was a hefty police presence as well.

The east end of Dearborn suffered major flooding during the last storm -- the second major flood in seven years.

“My house reeks. I can’t go into my home,” said Shayma Ghaleb.

Residents who turned out at Tuesday night’s council meeting believe there is a disparity in treatment and resources between east and west Dearborn. The city says the flooding was due to seven and a half inches of rain as well as a sewer system completed from 1930-1960 and a lower elevation and fewer discharge points.

“What I heard was pass the buck,” said Mohamed Sohoubah.

Frustrations were boiling over at Tuesday’s meeting and were no helped when the council opted to go through 50 resolutions and contracts before allowing public comment.

“Nobody from city council, city administration even says we could have done better,” said Nagi Almudhegi. “That is not only embarrassing it makes me extremely angry.”

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