Ypsilanti couple’s vehicle found after teen brags about stealing it on social media

Police searching for teen

Ypsilanti couple's stolen car found after teenage suspect brags about it on social media

YPSILANTI, Mich. – The last few days have been frustrating for Justin and Jenna Fry, whose car was stolen outside of their Ypsilanti home.

The suspect bragged about it on social media, even taunting the couple.

“My husband came home from work and we were on our way out the door to go pick up my vehicle. He came to help me with the kids for 10 minutes and we came outside and the car was gone,” said Jenna Fry. “All of our belongings, all of our money, our paycheck was in there. My wallet, his phone.”

Fry said they used Justin’s phone to try to track the Ford SUV.

“This girl is on iCloud posting videos of herself in the car,” Jenna Fry said.

The couple said on Thursday, the girl, who is in her teens, started bragging on social media about stealing the car and even reached out to them.

“She was texting me from my husband’s phone saying that she threw our car seats into the trash can,” said Jenna Fry

Local 4 reached out to the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office on Friday about the investigation. About two hours later, deputies found the car in Willis -- about 15 minutes outside of Ypsilanti.

“I’m on the verge of crying ... I’m like happy we have it back, but this whole situation has put a lot of strain on me and my family,” Jenna Fry said. “I’m thankful for you guys. I’m thankful for everybody who has been messaging me.”

A spokesperson with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office said they have identified the girl and are looking for her.

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