Former Detroit police chief James Craig to announce candidacy for Michigan governor

Local 4 spoke with James Craig

1-on1 with James Craig as he prepares to join race for Michigan governor
1-on1 with James Craig as he prepares to join race for Michigan governor

DETROIT – Former Detroit police chief James Craig is going to announce his candidacy for Michigan governor on Tuesday.

To date, he has not been open about how he’ll position himself against current Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. But that is changing. Craig spoke with Local 4′s Rod Meloni.

Craig admitted that he’s not a politician, but said the state is polarized and needs to come together. He said Michigan needs new leadership to make that happen.

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“Some folks are not being talked to or with. Solutions are being made unilaterally so I think it’s important to have a person, a leader who understands it’s important. It’s not just about Democrats and Republicans,” Craig said.

There are pressing questions about where Craig stands on serious issues, like whether he believes former president Trump lost the election in 2020.

“I’ve seen nothing, no investigative work completed that suggests there were improprieties. I do agree though, many Americans, many Michiganders have concerns about the election and we should be able to address that,” Craig said.

When it comes to Republican efforts to increase election integrity, including voter ID, Craig said requiring ID is “not racist. It’s applied equally.”

Former President Donald Trump’s influence looms large and Craig is OK with that.

“I voted for him twice and many of his policies I agree with. My focus right now is 2022 and what’s good for Michigan. That’s what’s most important. I was asked the question, if the president would endorse me I’ll welcome it,” Craig said.

As for fiscal policy, Craig said, “the No. 1 complaint is government overreach and also these handouts, the continuation of the handouts and it’s killing the small businesses.”

James Craig is one of several Republican candidates vying for governor. Local 4 has started reaching out to other candidates.

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