Mystery water leak traps elderly woman inside Detroit home

City not searching for source of leak.

An 88-year-old Detroit woman cannot leave her home on the city’s west side because her property continues to flood.

DETROIT – An 88-year-old Detroit woman’s home is surrounded by flood waters.

Several homes in the area of Joy Road and Grand River Avenue are surrounded by water. However, the city has not been able to find the source of the leak.

“The water main was built circa 1917. We know where the sewers are, we know where the water main is, but unfortunately we don’t know where this 32-inch pipe is,” said Sam Smalley, COO of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

City officials are unsure where the pipe is leaking because they do not have a diagram.

“We’re bringing out some sensitive acoustic detection equipment that will allow us, from several different locations, to listen to the water and then triangulate where that noise is coming from,” Smalley said.

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