Rep. Brenda Lawrence concerned over how USPS changes will impact seniors, small businesses

“On behalf of the American people and as a 30-year USPS veteran, we deserve an explanation and answers,” Lawrence tweeted.

DETROIT – Several changes recently took effect at the United States Postal Service that will impact how you send and receive mail.

The new standards were implemented Saturday that will lengthen delivery times -- packages, magazines and letters traveling long distances could take up to five days to arrive instead of two or three. Additionally, the cost to ship packages for the holidays will go up temporarily.

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The changes are not setting well with Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence, who worked for USPS for 30 years. Lawrence was the lead on a letter to USPS that asked questions about the decision to make the delays permanent to help the budget. The Postal Service is one of the few government services that doesn’t get taxpayer funding and needs to turn a profit.

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“Following a year of serious setbacks for the Postal Service -- largely driven by the disruptive operational changes you enacted in the midst of a global pandemic -- your decision to further slow the delivery of mail poses yet another threat to this vital institution,” Lawrence wrote to U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

On Twitter, Lawrence said the delays will harm seniors, small businesses and anyone who depends on mail service.

“On behalf of the American people and as a 30-year USPS veteran, we deserve an explanation and answers,” Lawrence tweeted.

New data from the Washington Post suggests mail in Detroit will be one to two days slower on average. In October 2020, USPS data showed Detroit had the slowest mail delivery in the country with hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail held up by slowdowns.

The sweeping changes to the U.S. Postal Service will make those delivery times even slower.

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