Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoes 4 voting bills at NAACP Dinner

‘The 2020 Election was free, secure and accurate,’ Whitmer says

Of course, the veto has the support of Detroit NAACP President, Reverend Wendell Anthony.

DETROIT – In shocking fashion, the Governor decided to use the 66th Annual NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner as the backdrop for her veto announcement of the GOP’s first set of voting bills believed to diminish voter rights.

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“Just last Thursday, the Michigan Legislature passed a number of bills that weaken voting rights, and they rushed them to my desk. The intent, as we have seen across the country, is to suppress our votes and perpetuate the big lie,” Governor Whitmer recalled.

Whitmer said there are currently total of 39 bills in the state of Michigan that potentially could make voting in the Great Lakes State harder than it is in the state of Georgia.

“They purged the voter rolls, open the door for voter intimidation prohibited clerks from providing prepaid postage on balance, showing the deadline, and returning balance, and so much more,” Whitmer insisted.

The thunderous applause could be felt across the ballroom of the TCF Center as the Governor proclaimed she refuses to stand for any other threats to voter freedom in Michigan.

The vetoed bills imply that outside parties had access to the state’s qualified voters and that electronic Poll Books were connected to the internet, therefore making them vulnerable to attacks. Both claims Whitmer denies. The Governor also stated another bill introduced by the GOP will make it harder for Seniors to vote.

Of course, the veto has the support of Detroit NAACP President, Reverend Wendell Anthony.

“Right here in Michigan, We have the blind 39. A set of bogus bills introduced by folks who know there is no voter fraud or abuse. It is shameful,” said Rev. Anthony.

Republican officials in the meantime -- like Rep. Ann Bollin -- are insisting the vetoed Bills aren’t what they seem.

“I’m also disappointed to hear that the Governor has suggested this is part of a 39-bill package. They are not. These are bills that came from the House, not from the Senate. I think it’s just Governor taking a cheap and easy shot once again,” said Rep. Bollin.

Either way, the Governor is vowing to Veto any other voting bill introduced by the GOP.

“The message should be loud and clear, if they want to send the other 35, they will meet the same fate,” Whitmer added.

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