Watch: Local 4 News Today reveals 2021 Halloween costumes

Morning show staff solves newsroom case as Mystery, Inc.

What do you do when there's a ghost in the news room? You call Rouxby-Roo and Mystery Incorporated to solve the case!

DETROIT – What do you do when there’s a ghost in the newsroom? You call Mystery, Inc. to solve the case!

Watch the staff of Local 4 News Today reveal this year’s Halloween costumes in the fun production above.


  • Meteorologist Brandon Roux as Rouxby-Roux
  • Jason Carr as Shaggy
  • Rhonda Walker as Daphne
  • Evrod Cassimy as Fred
  • Kim DeGiulio as Velma
  • Paul Gross as Scrappy-Doo
  • Nick Monacelli as sleepy reporter

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