Road conditions dangerous across Metro Detroit following rain, snow

Freeways and major roads are still filled with snow

The freeways and major roads are still filled with snow. The roads are a mess as the pavement is covered in snow. We spent tonight all over Oakland and Macomb, and the hottest spot by far was the Autozone in Macomb Township.

DETROIT – Roadways throughout Metro Detroit were a mess Thursday night, with the pavement covered in snow after a winter storm hit the region.

The Local 4 team spent Thursday night all over Oakland and Macomb counties, and the hottest spot by far was an AutoZone store in Macomb Township.

“Because there was ice already on there, when I got in the car, I forgot to turn off the wipers before, and the blades were stuck to the window, so when I went to clean off my windshield, it was stuck to the ice, and the rubber came off,” a customer said.

There were plenty of shredded windshield wipers throughout the winter storm, as ice does a real number on them -- including on our own Local 4 vehicles. A big thanks to Matt from AutoZone, who helped replace ours and many others.

Back on the road, there was a fundamental problem on 21 Mile Road near Romeo Plank Road, which was shut down Thursday due to rainfall. The water swelled the Clinton River to the point that it engulfed the road. Then, add wet snow on top of that, and it was one big mess.

On Thursday night, most freeways were an absolute mess. In most cases, top speeds on the freeways tonight are 45 miles an hour.

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