Higher gas prices cut into profits for people who have to drive to make a living

‘There’s nothing much I can do about it,’ Michelle Fox-Phillips says

$3.62 is how much Michigan drivers pay on average for a gallon of gas Wednesday (March. 2). The skyrocketing prices are hitting their bottom line for the ride-share and delivery drivers out there.

FERNDALE, Mich. – Michigan drivers are paying an average of $3.62 a gallon of gas as of Wednesday (March 2).

For the ride-share and delivery drivers out there, the skyrocketing prices are hitting their bottom line.

“$3.89 that’s like ouch,” Michelle Fox-Phillips said.

Fox-Phillips works full time as a Lyft driver. She said she makes more money at Lyft than at her previous job. Filling up the gas tank helps put food on the table and a hike in gas prices aren’t ideal.

“If the price of gas is going up, it’s going to cut into me. There’s nothing much I can do about it right now,” said Fox-Phillips.

Every ride she’s looking out for better prices.

“The price of gas right now in my neighborhood is anywhere between $3.59 to 3.79 a gallon,” said Fox-Phillips. “I’ve gone around Detroit and I’ve seen it as low as $3.29 and $3.30. That’s where I’m going to go and get gas.”

She’s not the only one who is worried. Stacey Whaley, owner of Nick’s Pizza, said her delivery drivers are hanging on but they’re not sure for how long.

“They’re like, as the gas prices keep going up and we’re driving around the city we don’t know, you know, if this is going to be beneficial,” Whaley said.

Their delivery drivers are keeping a close eye on it. In the meantime, Nick’s Pizza put out a “Now Hiring” sign out for delivery drivers because a pizza shop with no delivery is bad for business.

“Being a small business, things are already slowing down and you don’t have delivery so it slows down even more. So it’s just it’s a trickle down effect to the small businesses that you know, we’re trying our best to provide for everybody in the community,” Whaley said.

To save on gas, AAA suggests doing all your errands at once, shop around for the best gas prices, consider paying gas with cash, remove excess weight from your vehicle, drive conservatively because speeding reduces fuel economy and enroll in fuel rewards programs.

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