Don’t feed deer in Southfield: Edible materials must be 5 feet above ground or secured

City hopes ordinance makes roads safer

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources advises deer hunters to be prepared for big changes to DNR deer check stations this fall. (David Kenyon, Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – The City of Southfield has amended an ordinance to prohibit feeding deer.

The city’s goal is to eliminate things that attract deer to reduce the impact deer have on residents and make the roads safer.

Per ordinance No. 1748, nobody is allowed to leave any grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, hay, or other edible materials less than five feet above the ground. Unless the items are screened or protected so deer cannot feed on them.

If you break those rules, you will receive a written warning. The second time you will face a citation violation.

Veterinarians, animal control, parks staff, or game officials can leave food out if it’s within the scope of their duties. Straw-related material can also be used for landscape purposes. Plant material can be left out for decorative seasonal or holiday purposes between Sept. 1 and December 31.

For more information, contact Southfield’s City Clerk’s Office at (248) 796-5150 or click here.

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