Michigan fishing: Tips for catching, storing your own nightcrawlers

Nightcrawlers are best caught an hour or so after dark

Close-up of a hand filled with earthworms, Maryland, 1950. (Photo by A Aubrey Bodine/United States Department of Agriculture/PhotoQuest/Getty Images) (PhotoQuest / Contributor)

Have you ever thought about catching and keeping your own nightcrawlers?

Maybe you go fishing often, or maybe you’re just looking to save a little money.

Good news, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said it’s fairly easy to do.

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The DNR has some simple steps for you to follow if you want to get started:

  • Know where to look. Scout locations such as parks, playgrounds and open, grassy areas after a good rain. Look for nightcrawler castings (the little piles of dirt they leave behind) and then plan to visit again following the next good rain.
  • Know when to collect. Nightcrawlers are best caught an hour or so after dark.
  • Bring the right equipment. Nightcrawlers are sensitive to vibrations, so wear lightweight shoes. They’re also sensitive to bright light, so consider rigging your flashlight with a red cover over the lens.
  • Store them properly. When you catch nightcrawlers, just lay them on top of some storage bedding – don’t mix them in. This will allow you to remove sick or dead ones more easily.

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