Crumbleys say they feel bullied by Oakland County prosecutor, fear tainted jury

The Crumbley parents have requested a new court filing as their lawyers say Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald has crossed the line.

According to the couple’s lawyer, McDonald’s is bad-mouthing their clients to the media and tainting the potential jury pool. On Tuesday, the lawyers representing James and Jennifer Crumbley filed an “emergency supplemental” motion asking the 6th circuit court to restrict pretrial publicity.

In May, the Crumbleys argued that the media coverage about them shows that they are “already convicted.” The couple’s defense team defends this motion while also stating “despite the fact that (Ethan Crumbley) solely and deliberately planned and committed premeditated murder.”

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The defense’s motion states that the prosecution has continuously been putting false information in the public purview and depriving the Crumbleys of a fair trial.

Below is a statement from Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald’s office about the filed motion.

Our team is focused on preparing for trial and looks forward to presenting all the evidence at the proper time in court.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald's office

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