🔒 Survey: Who serves the best fries in Metro Detroit?

National French Fries Day is Wednesday, July 13

French fries (Photo via Pexels.)

DETROIT – I don’t take much stock in arbitrary “national” days, as there are so many every single day -- but I think it’s fair to say that National French Fries Day should not be ignored.

Potatoes are pretty tasty no matter how they’re prepared, but there’s something to be said about slicing them up and tossing them in a fryer. And whether you’re into fast food fries, or those fancily seasoned types, you can find every style right here in Metro Detroit.

Wednesday, July 13, is National French Fries Day, and we want to hear from you: Where are the best fries in Metro Detroit?

🔒 Survey results: The best French fries in Metro Detroit, according to Local 4 viewers

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