Detroit police chief addresses how tethers won’t stop people from committing crimes

Detroit police department said they have had 16 cases where violent crimes have happened and a tethered defendant ended up involved.

DETROITPolice chief James White addressed the issue that tethers are not stopping people that wear them from committing crimes.

Detroit police department told Local4 that they had 16 cases where violent crimes have happened, and a tethered defendant ended up being involved.

Tethers are meant to track alleged offenders quite literally with GPS tracking while out without bond. There are several different kinds in which some allow monitors to speak directly with the wearer. But White said he keeps finding those assigned a tether aren’t paying much attention to the rules.

“And so we need to come to the table and have a real discussion about how to make our community safe instead of pointing to the police and say ‘go lock ’em up.’ That’s not the answer if we’re going to release them,” White said during a conference acknowledging the issue.

White tells Local4 that he is most concerned about the courts’ lack of follow-through regarding this issue.

Local4 reached out to the 36th distinct today to discuss the issue with judges but received no callback.

Below is a statement that the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office sent Local4 on Tuesday.

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