Nurse practitioner from Macomb County tries to meet 15-year-old boy for sex after 1,108 texts, feds say

Jigger Garcia facing charge for coercing minor, officials say

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DETROIT – A nurse practitioner who lives in Macomb County tried to meet up with a 15-year-old boy for sex after exchanging 1,108 text messages with a federal official posing as the child, authorities said.

An FBI task force member who is also a Michigan State Police trooper said at 9:12 a.m. Aug. 4, he came across an add on a dating website that said the user was seeking, “straight, married, young and men in uniform” for sexual activity, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday (Aug. 12).

The same user had also posted that he was looking for “young” people and included a KIK instant messaging account name, officials said.

WARNING: Some of the text messages detailed below contain disturbing sexual comments.

Text messages exchanged

On Aug. 4, the trooper contacted the KIK user, who claimed to be a 15-year-old boy, court records show. Authorities said they later identified the user as Jigger Occena Garcia, 50, of Chesterfield Township.

According to several online databases, Garcia is a nurse practitioner who has worked in Detroit and Oakland County.

“So how old are you?” Garcia asked the officer, the complaint says. “What’s your stats, and where are you from?”

Court records say the officer claimed to be a 15-year-old boy from Detroit, and Garcia responded, “ok,” and “what are you into?”

He asked to exchange numbers, so the officer gave Garcia a contact number, according to authorities.

Garcia is accused of sending the officer a text on Aug. 4, identifying himself as “John,” a 50-year-old man in Chesterfield Township.

From Aug. 4 through Aug. 10, about 1,108 text messages were exchanged between Garcia and the officer, police said.

Here are some of the text messages that were sent on Aug. 4:

“Garcia told me in text messages that he was okay with my age (15 years old) and that he has a sexual interest in pubescent children,” the criminal complaint reads. “On multiple occasions, Garcia turned the conversation very sexual and lewd and would ask to meet me in person to have sexual intercourse, even after I reiterated, that I was 15 years of age.”

Court records say one text message from Garcia read, “So have you done anything with a guy before?” He also allegedly asked, “so you like (oral sex)?”

In one text, Garcia is accused of saying, “I want this to turn into a friendship, not just sex.” He also said, “So what else do you wanna experience aside from (oral sex)? And please let me know if the words that I use is offending you in anyway,” according to the criminal complaint.

At one point, Garcia said, “I’m leaving Detroit now. I’m on my way home. I was wondering and I hope it’s not too fast to ask if you want to have lunch,” the complaint says.

Here are some of the text messages that were sent on Aug. 8:

On Aug. 8, Garcia is accused of sending the officer a text message that said, “I don’t like my boy to do what I’m doing to him. I want my boy to be fully straight. I never let him (perform oral sex) or even touch me. Yes he did one thing to me that he likes doing once in a while and that is to (have intercourse).”

Garcia asked if it would be OK to avoid using condoms, authorities said. He agreed to meet the boy in the parking lot of a Detroit bar for sex, according to officials.

The officer said it was agreed upon that Garcia would bring condoms and two McDonald’s McChicken sandwiches with cheese and ketchup for the boy.

When the officer asked Garcia if he had been with anyone around the fake boy’s age before, Garcia said he had been with a young person around 15 years old, according to court records. Garcia said that person had moved away, which ended the sexual relationship, authorities said.

Garcia wouldn’t specify the age or provide more information about that person, the complaint says.

Arrest, charges

Officials traced the phone number from the text messages back to Garcia and his home in Chesterfield Township, they said.

Garcia changed the meeting location at 11:57 a.m. Thursday to a parking lot managed by a church, authorities said.

Garcia was taken into custody by members of the task force when he arrived, court records show.

After Garcia had been taken into custody, officials said they found two McDonald’s McChicken sandwiches with cheese and ketchup in the front passenger seat of his vehicle. Garcia admitted the food was for the 15-year-old boy and said he had brought condoms, according to authorities.

During an interview with investigators, Garcia admitted he had gone to the location to meet a 15-year-old boy named “Jordan” to have sexual intercourse, the criminal complaint reads. He outlined the specific sexual acts he had planned to perform with the boy, officials said.

The criminal complaint concludes that there’s probable cause Garcia committed coercion and enticement of a minor, including attempt.

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