Detroit photographer captures people’s auras with vintage, modern technology

Photographer says knowing your current aura can be useful ‘tool’

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Aura Aura

Aura photography by Aura Aura

A Detroit-based photographer travels all across the nation, capturing people’s auras with vintage and modern technology.

An aura is believed to be the human atmosphere created by a person’s life stories, current life situations and emotions and are represented through colors. The spiritual say the colors of a person’s aura can change throughout their life as more life experiences shape who they are today.

Since 2017, Eileen Lee has captured and interpreted tens of thousands of aura portraits.

The Rochester native, and now Detroit resident, was introduced to aura energy in the late 2000′s. Lee came across a book discussing energy, and that sparked her interest in camera work that can capture humans’ aura.

After buying the proper camera and touring just to find packfilm, a film specific to her camera, Lee’s spiritual journey had begun.

Aura photography equipment (Aura Aura)

Lee explained that a person’s aura colors show what is currently going on in their life and that it represents more than just the colors of your soul. The colors are said to represent both the consciousness and unconsciousness of a person. According to the photographer, each color has a spectrum of meaning and representation.

“You can’t cheat the camera; it’s going to tell you what’s going on -- and sometimes, people don’t expect to get really emotional in a session,” Lee said.

Aura photography was popular in the 1930s and the 1970s and has had a resurgence in the last few years. Lee said one of the many reasons why this type of photography is gaining traction is because, in general, people are starting to open up more and become more self-aware.

Aura Aura has had returning customers over the years, and Lee said it’s been interesting watching their spiritual journey.

“Seeing how they’ve evolved, how their colors have evolved... it really speaks to you.”

Within the past year, a new project has developed in the Aura Aura family called Color Of Our Energy. With each session, a person getting a portrait done will get a walk-through of what the specific colors in your photo are and what they mean for you. Each customer will also have access to an online portal that breaks down the aura colors with more information.

Color Of Our Energy uses modern film compared to Aura Aura, which uses vintage film to display a customer’s aura colors.

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