Michigan Board of Canvassers unanimously vote to certify 2022 midterm election

‘We need more responsible leadership again on both sides of the aisle related to these issues’

LANSING, Mich.Michigan’s Board of Canvassers met Monday and certified the results of the November election, but it got contentious, and even police officers had to step in.

Republican Secretary of State Candidate Kristina Karamo and others made claims of widespread fraud with no support to back it up. The meeting also included an impassioned plea from the Republican chair of the board.

“Our freedom is hanging in the balance here,” said Karamo.

Karamo questioned the results and if the election was done lawfully, bringing up the delays in Ann Arbor and how those late-night votes were still counted.

“I am totally against the certification of this election,” said Karamo. “The goal is to never disenfranchise any voter, but our voter rights aren’t just access to the ballot. It’s also ensuring we have a lawfully operated process.”

At times, the difference of opinions got heated, with attendees shouting at the board of canvassers. One attendee, who continued to disrupt the meeting, was removed by Michigan State Police.

The misinformation and constant disruptions frustrated the Republican Chair for Michigan’s Board of Canvassers, Anthony Daunt.

“A lot of the questions that arise are from just a lack of proper understanding, which is unfortunately fed by candidates and party officials on both sides of the aisle who feed into this nonsense,” said Daunt.

Daunt believes while there is a bigger problem, the solution starts with leadership.

“We need more responsible leadership again on both sides of the aisle related to these issues because it is critical people accept the results of the election when it’s all said and done,” Daunt said.

The meeting lasted four hours, with the board unanimously voting to certify the election.

About the Author:

Megan Woods is thrilled to be back home and reporting at Local 4. She joined the team in September 2021. Before returning to Michigan, Megan reported at stations across the country including Northern Michigan, Southwest Louisiana and a sister station in Southwest Virginia.