Witness reacts to viral car stunt video from Detroit’s west side

Detroit police have identified a person of interest

DETROIT – The viral video of a driver doing dangerous stunts in front of police officers now has the attention of the Detroit Police Department.

The video went viral, and at one point, a man was seen lighting a ring of fire in the intersection of 7 Mile and Greenfield roads.

“It was more like unbelievable, like it’s believable but unbelievable,” said Chris’ Krizpy Boi’ Duvell.

Duvell recorded the now-viral video of drifters doing donuts and lighting a ring of fire in the middle of 7 Mile and Greenfield roads.

“It was a whole thing going on in the middle of Greenfield Road, and I was like, ‘this is crazy dog,’” Duvell said.

Duvell was driving home from a recording studio around 12:30 a.m. Monday (Dec. 5) when chaos erupted.

“When I was going down the street, a car flew past real fast,” Duvell said. “I looked at them and was like, ‘the police are so going to be on them,’ it don’t make no sense.”

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As traffic came to a standstill, several police cruisers with their lights flashing were at the intersection.

“Kudos to that cop in the middle,” Duvell said. “At least he tried”

Police were unable to stop the melee. But the scene was cleared in four minutes.

“To avoid an incident of a high-speed chase and avoid injuries or someone being injured or possibly killed, they did a great job,” said Detroit police Commander Vernal Newson.

Police say they’ve identified the owner of the white challenger and are looking for the man who lit the ring of fire.

“You need to take it somewhere else because you could have easily taken a life,” Duvell said. “It’s definitely not safe. The circles were small because the police couldn’t stop it, so you know it’s out of control when the police can’t do anything.”

“We’ve identified the owner of the white (Dodge) Challenger,” Newson said. “We’re going to come and execute a search warrant at your home and seize your vehicle, and we’re going to knock down your door and take you into custody for this.”

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