What’s Going Around: Flu, gastrointestinal, COVID continue to spread in Metro Detroit

Here’s our weekly round up of what illnesses are spreading the most in Metro Detroit communities, according to our local doctors and hospitals.

Local doctors share their notes on What’s Going Around:

Wayne County:

Dr. Tiffney Widner -- Pediatrician, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

“Still seeing a lot of flu-like symptoms come into the clinic. It’s a little bit more lately, post holidays, but mostly all flu-like symptoms are coming in. We’ve seen some stomach/gastrointestinal stuff come in, but that could all be flu related. RSV is down, COVID is down/steady and we’re not seeing a lot of strep throat cases. Mostly just flu.”

Dr. Glen Clark -- Emergency Center Chief of Corewell Health Grosse Pointe Hospital

“This week we’re still seeing influenza A and we’re seeing a slight increase in COVID. We’re not seeing much snow-related trauma. It’s a significant amount of viral infections. We’re still swabbing for influenza COVID and RSV. Influenza A is presenting with fever, headache, muscle ache, typical cough and sore throat. Some people are vomiting, but the flu is presenting mainly as respiratory for us. The vast majority are being discharged. Severe dehydration or underlying illness like asthma or heart failure, shortness of breath, those are being admitted.”

Dr. Jaimie Hope -- Medical Director, Emergency Center, Beaumont Outpatient Campus – Livonia

“We are definitely seeing flu. Also, carbon monoxide poisoning because people are using indoor grills, space heaters, etc. and the symptoms can mimic the flu so it’s easy to miss. High blood pressure is also trending in our E.C. right now. We are treating lots of people who have missed their meds or haven’t had it checked in a while and don’t know they have it.”

Oakland County:

Dr. Neethi Patel -- Beaumont Health pediatrician in Troy

“There’s a lot of stomach stuff going around right now. Not influenza, but some kind of gastroenteritis. It’s just starting this week. Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever and achiness. The fever – it can be high, anywhere from 101 to 103. Treatment is mostly just rest, fluids, Motrin and Tylenol for fever and aches and pains, and resting the belly with a clear fluid diet – just wait it out and watch for dehydration. If there’s concern for dehydration or we don’t know what the fever’s from, we recommend they come in. There’s also still some flu, and COVID has made a bit of a resurgence. RSV seems to be lessening; it’s still there but not as bad as last month. RSV seems to be slowing down and flu is a little down, but we’re still seeing some Influenza B.”

Washtenaw County:

Washtenaw County Health Department

“Influenza circulation remains at high levels locally, but it appears this wave of flu may have peaked. Additional flu waves are possible. In the past week, several influenza related deaths in Washtenaw County adults have been reported. The individuals were confirmed with Influenza A. Flu-related hospitalizations of Washtenaw residents are still elevated, but are decreasing. Most Influenza cases being reported in Washtenaw County are Influenza A.”

About the Authors:

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