New UAW president Shawn Fain delivers speech at 2023 Special Bargaining Convention

DETROIT – The United Auto Workers are operating under new leadership on Monday, promising a major fight with the three domestic automakers.

Roughly 1,000 delegates and leaders from across the country are in Detroit Monday night for their Special Bargaining Convention as they prepare for another national contract negotiation.

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Shawn Fain wins close race to lead United Auto Workers union

Shawn Fain ran on a fighter’s platform, and fighting he intends to do.

He did not receive the warmest of welcomes, as many supported former UAW president Ray Curry, but he looked to heal the internal wounds.

“Now we’re here to come together, to ready ourselves for the war against our one and only true enemy, multi-billion dollar corporations and employers that refuse to give our members their fair share,” said Fain.

Though the automakers have made billions over the last four years, they are transitioning to much more expensive electric vehicles and may not be so easily pushed around.

Fain acknowledged that as well.

“You’ve chosen to commit yourselves to our great union no matter the challenges, and there’s gonna be challenges,” said Fain.

The newly elected UAW president invoked Dr. Martin Luther King and his fight for civil and human rights.

“The United Auto Workers are ready to get back in the fight against concessions, against tiers, the UAW, the UAW is ready to get back in the fight for good jobs, for economic justice for our families and our communities.”

You can watch the speech in the video player below:

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