Easter Sunday weather in Metro Detroit: Clear skies, rising temps and potentially patchy fog

4Warn Weather – Good Sunday morning and Happy Easter!

It’s going to be a glorious day here in Metro Detroit as we start on the cool side with early morning temperatures in the middle 30s. It should be closer to 40F by the time you start the Easter Egg Hunt assuming the Easter Bunny visited where you are.

We have clear skies and light winds which means some patchy fog is possible in the usual spots and it should not be a widespread issue at all. Once that sun wakes up, temps are going to start climbing as we are at the beginning of a nice warming trend.

We had nearly identical conditions and temperatures Friday and Saturday around SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario with highs barely hitting 50F or, 10 degrees celsius. We may beat that by as much as 10 degrees on this Easter Sunday as we basque in pure sunshine across Pure Michigan. Our high temps on this holy day will be in the upper 50s with a few neighborhoods hitting that 60 degree mark into the middle and late afternoon. The winds will remain calm SE 5-10mph, but they will switch to a warmer direction and begin to increase day by day as we move through next week.


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Taking a look at the week ahead

It is time to dust off that bicycle, tennis racket, and garden shovel as an ideal week of weather is setting up shot right here in Metro Detroit.

Look for a harmless battle between sun and clouds Monday with highs into the mid 60s. We would likely hit 70F on Monday if not for some pesky clouds, but we will be well into the 70s after that.

Tuesday will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with highs hitting 70F by the early afternoon and into the low 70s with a bit of a warming breeze picking up SW 10-20mph.

The weather computer model data is pointing to more and more sunshine pouring into our area on Hump Day through the rest of this coming work and school week. This means highs will really get the chance to take off with the combination of Wednesday sunshine and that warming wind SW 10-20mph as highs hit the middle to maybe upper 70s. We will be flirting with 80 degrees here in Metro Detroit Wednesday through Friday with tons of sunshine across the board. Right now, these computer models show dry conditions through most of next weekend before our next shot at showers and storms.

We are not too confident in the next rain chance here in Metro Detroit in part because it’s still so far away. Also, the computer models are not all in agreement yet on whether showers will come next Sunday or the following Monday. The European model is the only one currently showing some scattered rain and thundershowers moving in here next Sunday as the warm 70s stick around through next weekend. So, it will either be seven or eight days before we get our next shot at foul weather. Spring is an important time of the year for receiving precipitation and dry stretches that go on and on are not good for the grass and garden. That said, Detroit is over four inches of precip above average on the year so we are doing alright. We will keep you posted as we wait for the next wet weather system.