Value World accepting Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for 20% off at Metro Detroit stores

Limited time discount valid at all Michigan, Ohio stores

Value World storefront, courtesy of Value World. (Value World)

Value World will be offering a 20% discount at all of its Michigan and Ohio stores to any customer who brings in a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.

Starting Thursday, May 4, the “thrift superstore” will be accepting coupons from the failed Bed Bath & Beyond chain in return for a 20% discount on an entire purchase. In a text message blast sent to customers Thursday, the store said the offer will only be available for a limited time, though no specific date was provided.

The store also said the 20% discount cannot be combined with other discounts, and that the maximum discount is $20.

Value World, which has stores across Metro Detroit and in Cleveland, Ohio, isn’t the only business to capitalize on the closing of Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

Last week, Big Lots said it would offer a 20% discount on an in-store purchase of $50 or more if the customer has a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. That offer is valid until May 7. The Container Store made a similar announcement, offering a 20% discount on a single item to customers “who bring a competitor’s blue coupon to any store location.” That offer is valid until May 31.

JOANN Fabric and Craft stores are also accepting valid Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in exchange for 20% off a single item.

Closing sales began at Bed Beth & Beyond’s 360 stores -- and the company’s 120 Buy Buy Baby stores -- on April 26. The popular retail chain offering a wide variety of home and lifestyle goods filed for bankruptcy in April. All of its stores are slated to close by June 30.

Bed bath & Beyond stores and their website are still open in the meantime, though they are no longer accepting coupons. Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards can be used at the stores until May 8. Customers have until May 15 to use merchandise credits.

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