Parents get court win in months-long battle over cell tower atop of Wyandotte elementary school

T-Mobile will speak in court June 12

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – The months-long legal battle over a cell tower atop a Wyandotte elementary school has shifted in favor of the parents fighting to have it taken down.

T-Mobile wanted to fire up the cell tower at the end of the week, but a judge in an emergency order ordered the cell company not to switch it on.

“Judge Harb on Friday (June 2) signed a temporary restraining order prohibiting T-Mobile from turning the tower on until further ordered,” said parent and attorney Josh Castmore.

It was a first-round win for parents whose kids attend Washington Elementary School, as parents were furious that former Superintendent Dr. Catherine Cost signed a contract allowing T-Mobile to put up the cell tower atop the school and the equipment to run it right on the playground.

Parents protested, not wanting their kids exposed every school day to potential radiation.

The controversy cost the superintendent her job, and she resigned.

The parents are now taking T-Mobile to court as they want it removed.

T-Mobile planned to turn the tower on the day after school was out for summer.

“I would be shocked if this tower ever gets turned on,” Castmore said. “The law is very clearly in our favor in this case, so we are confident that this tower would never be turned on and be taken down soon.”

Since this controversy first broke out, parents in other districts have seen cell towers on or near their kids’ schools, raising health concerns.

Many have come to Wyandotte to see how parents were fighting back.

“Detroit City Council kind of ordered that there be a study done in the next 90 days,” Castmore said. “I’m sure that they’ve been pointed in the right direction as far as really creditable experts that have dedicated their lives to this research.”

Everyone, including T-Mobile, will go to court on Monday (June 12).

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