Big Ten presidents meet -- Could fall football return?

Could Michigan State University and the University of Michigan play football this season? It’s possible.

The presidents of the Big Ten met Sunday to get updates on testing and medical information to possibly reverse a decision that canceled the season.

A lot of college football fans have their fingers crossed hearing about the serious possibility of having their sports back.

Multiple sources reported there’s a chance the Big Ten are considering reinstating the season.

“It’s not a surprise to me," said Sam Webb. “Last week there were a lot of rumors going around about a vote last Friday or Saturday.”

Sports Radio personality and host Sam Webb believes the change in attitude may quite possibly mean the Big Ten has found a new way to test their players in a timely fashion to ensure the safety of everyone on the field.


“If you hear word of the Big Ten presidents and chancellors agreeing to start the season, what they are also saying is they got their hands on some rapid testing,” Webb said.

Reports show the potentially new date for the kick-off being as early as Oct. 17 -- but don’t get your hopes too high. There’s no telling if the virus will complicate things again.

“There’s new data as far as the virus is concerned," Webb said. “But to me, the biggest gulf that had to be bridged was the one with testing.”

More information is expected to be released Monday.

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