Officials announce next round of $50K daily drawing winners in Michigan vaccine sweepstakes


Another round of monetary prize winners in Michigan’s COVID vaccine sweepstakes were announced Wednesday morning.

The live stream for this event has ended.

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Members from the Small Business Association of Michigan and the Protect Michigan Commission announced the next round of winners in the state’s MI Shot to Win Sweepstakes. The individuals are winners of $50,000 daily drawings and were selected on July 14 and July 18-22.

The July 14 winner was not announced in the last round of winners, as paperwork was not processed at that time.

Officials say that since the campaign kicked off at the beginning of July, COVID vaccinations in Michigan have increased each week. The following data from Michigan officials show a rise in shots administered throughout the course of July:

  • July 4-July 10: 28,770 first doses administered
  • July 11-July 17: 30,502 first doses administered
  • July 18-July 24: 35,952 first doses administered
  • July 25-July 31: 41,150 first doses administered

More than 2.4 million Michigan residents reportedly entered the vaccine sweepstakes, which officially ended on Aug. 3. Almost 105,000 young Michigan residents registered for the sweepstakes’ scholarship drawings, officials said.

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The governor announced the sweepstakes in June in an effort to incentivize Michigan residents to get vaccinated for the virus this summer, with a goal of immunizing at least 70% of the state’s population.

As of Aug. 3, 63.8% of Michigan residents ages 16 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, while 55.8% of that age group are considered fully vaccinated.

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