What are those ‘speed bumps’ on Metro Detroit freeways? Here’s an explanation

Freeway bumps on I-96 near Detroit. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Have you ever been driving on I-75, I-96 or I-94 and noticed what appear to be speed bumps?

In Michigan, we're used to potholes. But what's the deal with these car-rattling bumps on our roads?

Well, to start, they obviously are not speed bumps -- but they'll definitely have you hitting the brakes. If you hit one of these bumps on a curve, you may want to hang onto the steering wheel.

We asked MDOT why these bumps form and what is being done about them:

The main goal of our road maintenance is to keep water out of the concrete. We do joint repairs, resealing and resurfacing to add layers over areas of concrete to keep water out.

The areas you are referencing have asphalt over older, decades-old concrete and the concrete joints that get water into them can crack and push up under the asphalt, creating the bumps.

Of course, we need more funding to do more major repairs to these roads, including major reconstruction, instead of just limited repairs.

There you have it. Drive safe out there.

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