Michigan Senate passes bill to allow dogs on restaurant patios

LANSING – Soon, Michiganders could be able bring their dogs to their favorite restaurants. 

The Michigan Senate passed the bill with 36 yeas and 6 nays on Wednesday afternoon.

The bill, which will need to pass the Michigan House and be signed by Governor Snyder, was introduced in February by Sen. Margaret O'Brien.

Some of the rules of the bill include:

  • Dogs wouldn't be able to walk through the interior of a restaurant to get to the patio.
  • They would need to be completely controlled by owners.
  • Restaurants would need to keep patios clean and clear of waste.
  • An employee who touches a dog or cleans waste does not serve food or beverages until they have washed their hands.
  • The dog is not allowed on a seat, chair or customer's lap. Also, the dog cannot touch the tabletop.
  • Dogs wouldn't be allowed in any area where food is prepared, and would never be unattended or with anyone younger than 18 years old.

Some Michigan eateries already allow dogs, but it's technically illegal.

Read the bill as passed by the senate below:

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