Dog scared by firework flees into traffic, gets hit by car in Detroit

Greyhound suffers panic attack

DETROIT – Dwight the greyhound was hanging out in the backyard with his family when everything changed in an instant.

Someone nearby lit a huge firework and Dwight lost it. 

"The two greyhounds were outside and the one that got injured had a massive panic attack and somehow managed to squeeze his 20-inch body through a very tiny 6-inch hole in the gate," said Peter Brnovich. "And with greyhound speed, he sped through the neighborhood."

Peter and his family searched for Dwight, and after about 20 minutes, they found him full of fear and injured.

"All four of his paw pads were torn off from running and he was bleeding heavily," said Brnovich. "I had blood all over myself. My niece did as well. He had urinated and defecated on himself."

They immediately took Dwight to the vet, where the family learned his condition was worse than they had thought.

"As it turns out, after doing X-rays, he had numerous rib fractures, and turned out he had been struck by a vehicle and we didn’t know," said Brnovich. 

The family now wants to share the message that fireworks and animals don’t match. 

"I think if people really knew and saw face-to-face the magnitude of the crisis, I think they would opt to refrain from letting off fireworks at home," said Brnovich. 

Dwight's recovery is expected to take months.

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