What to do about a dog that keeps chewing everything? More questions answered on Ask a Vet

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What to do about a dog that keeps chewing everything! - Ask a Vet on Live in the D

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Michigan Humane Society Veterinarian Dr.Kelley Meyers joined host, Jason Carr to answer questions from Live In The D viewers about their pets.  

Q: A one-year-old dog is still biting and chewing things around the house even though he has chew toys. What can be done?

A: "Dogs chew and it's natural! Sometimes dogs will chew more than what they should be and it could be because they are teething. It can also happen because they are very bored. Make sure they have interactive toys. When they are chewing on things that are inappropriate, take them away and replace  it with a toy. Then give them positive reinforcement." 

Q: A 13-year-old dog will no longer eat from her food dish. Why is that and how do you encourage the dog to eat from the bowl?

A: "You should make sure there is nothing wrong inside the dog's body. Bending down to eat out of the bowl may be harder for older dogs if they develop something like arthritis. It can also be a dental issue that the dog will associate with their bowl. You should take your dog to the vet." 

Q: Why would a dog constantly lick its front paws?

A: "There are two different types of licking, one can be a result of boredom, anxiety, or stress. It can also be a result of allergies from food or the environment.  Just like with humans, dogs can experience allergies as well. You can get this checked out by the vet." 

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