Lake Trust Credit Union and Humble Design are giving back to communities. Here's how.

Mortgaging a home with Lake Trust helps you and your community

Lake Trust Credit Union gives back on Live in the D

This article is sponsored by Lake Trust Credit Union. 

Host Jason Carr talked to Andrea Mosher, the Senior VP of Lending Solutions with Lake Trust Credit Union and Lisa Crawford, the Director of Humble Design about working together to impact the community. 

Lake Trust Credit Union is a community-based credit union serving Michigan. Lake Trust wants to help people thrive financially while helping to meet the basic needs of the community.

Humble Design is a non-profit that partners with agencies in the community. When families or veterans transition out of homelessness, Humble Design can furnish, design and decorate their homes with donated items. The items represent dignity with the intention of turning a house into a home. 

Lake Trust Credit Union partnered with 6 non-profits including Humble Design. If you apply for a mortgage with Lake Trust they will give the homeowner $250 and they will donate $250 to one of their partnered non-profits in your community. 

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