Red Wings fans say goodbye to Joe Louis Arena

Red Wings win last game in arena

DETROIT – As Red Wings fans left the Joe, they knew the glory days were coming to an end.

The fact is that the sign and the entire facility will be torn down, so they were capturing memories, but it's unclear what will replace the iconic structure.

"As historic as that building is, it was very much a thought of the 1960s or '70s thinking, where you'd would put a building with no windows on the riverfront," said Sandy Baruah, president of Detroit Regional Chamber.

Detroit's river and the Riverwalk have been key elements in the rebirth. Since its revamp the foot traffic and everything in between have drawn people downtown.

"I do not take coaching in the game lightly," Jeff Blashill said. "I know the history of this building and this organization."

Baruah said whatever comes must continue to embrace the riverfront.

"Hockey pucks and glass do not mix for windows like that, so we have tremendous opportunities for mixed-use: primarily residential, maybe some commercial," Baruah said.

Mixed are the expectations of what people truly want to see.

"I think affordable housing for people who want to live and work in Detroit because right now the wage gap is massive," Detroit resident Zach W. said.

"I definitely think it should not be any residential area because it's the heart of the city and it's the place where the city and state make money," another person said.

"I'd like to see more stuff for the families," said another person.

Retired Red Wing Steve Yzerman was at the final game Sunday, where he gave his hockey stick away to a lucky fan.