Detroit Red Wings will have 6th overall pick in 2021 NHL Draft

Red Wings don’t have luck in draft lottery drawing, but maintain strong 1st-round pick in 2021

Red Wings Logo. (WDIV)

The Detroit Red Wings will have the 6th overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

Heading into Wednesday night’s lottery drawing the Red Wings had a 7.6% chance at drawing a 1st overall pick and a 7.8% chance at drawing a 2nd overall pick. Detroit had the 6th-best odds of landing the 1st or 2nd overall pick.

But the Red Wings also had a 30% chance of landing at 6th overall, which is right where they stayed in the drawing.

The 1st overall pick went to the Buffalo Sabres, and 2nd overall went to the Seattle Kraken, the NHL’s newest expansion franchise. See the full drawing outcomes below.

The 2021 NHL Draft will be held virtually on July 23 and 24. Seattle’s expansion draft will be held right before that on July 21.

Detroit fans can’t be too upset about staying at 6th overall -- at least they didn’t slide down as they did last year. In 2020, the Red Wings finished in last place and had an 18.5 percent chance at grabbing the top pick, but fell to 4th overall during the Draft Lottery.

In 2019, the Red Wings selected German defenseman Moritz Seider at 6th overall. In 2018, the Red Wings selected forward Filip Zadina also at 6th overall.

The Red Wings have had three 1st overall picks in franchise history: Claude Gauthier in 1964, Dale McCourt in 1977, and Joe Murphy in 1986.

Full 2021 NHL Draft Lottery drawing order:

1. Buffalo Sabres

2. Seattle Kraken

3. Anaheim Ducks

4. New Jersey Devils

5. Columbus Blue Jackets

6. Detroit Red Wings

7. San Jose Sharks

8. Los Angeles Kings

9. Vancouver Canucks

10. Ottawa Senators

11. Chicago Blackhawks

12. Calgary Flames

13. Philadelphia Flyers

14. Dallas Stars

15. New York Rangers

Red Wings draft positions

Here’s the updated list of Red Wings 2021 and 2022 draft positions:

2021 draft positions:

2022 draft positions:

Key dates for the 2020-21 NHL season:

  • July 15 -- Last possible day for the playoffs
  • 24 hours after end of playoffs -- Player buyout period begins
  • July 21 -- Expansion draft for Seattle Kraken
  • July 23-24 -- NHL Entry Draft
  • July 28 -- Free agency begins