Michigan State football names Tate Myre honorary Spartan Dawg

Mel Tucker: ‘Tate is, and always will be, a Spartan Dawg’

Tate Myre

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker announced Wednesday that Oxford High School shooting victim Tate Myre has been named an honorary “Spartan Dawg” for next year’s 2022 team.

Myre, 16, was among four students killed Nov. 30 when a classmate opened fire inside the high school. Myre played football for the high school with aspirations of playing in college. He is now remembered as a hero who tried to stop the shooter, ultimately giving up his own life while trying to save others.

Tucker said Myre is now the first “Spartan Dawg” of his 2022 class, an honor given to team members with strong character and work ethic on and off the football field.

“We are honored to recognize Tate Myre as the first Spartan Dawg of the 2022 class. A Spartan Dawg is defined not by the plays they make on the field, but by the character they exemplify, the leadership they bring to their team and their community, and for extraordinary individuals like Tate Myre, their heroism,” said Tucker. “Tate is, and always will be, a Spartan Dawg. Tate Myre had an unmatched work ethic, athleticism and love for his teammates. He had a passion to one day play for Michigan State. This passion was paired with an unstoppable drive and follow-through to get there. Tate’s consistency on and off the football field elevated everyone who knew him. Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of Hana St. Juliana, Justin Shilling, Madisyn Baldwin and Tate Myre, and we will continue to support the Oxford community any way that we can.”

The Michigan Wolverines football team dedicated their Big Ten Championship game to Myre.

“Aidan came to me and said he wanted to dedicate this game to Tate Myre,” Jim Harbaugh said shortly after the Wolverines defeated Iowa 42-3. “I said, ‘Yes, let’s do that.’ That was huge.”

Meanwhile, a petition is underway to rename Oxford High School’s football stadium after Myre.

“Tate is not just a hero to his fellow students at Oxford high school but a legend, his act of bravery should be remembered forever and passed down through generations. He put his life in danger to try and help the thousands of other students at Oxford High School,” the petition reads.

Click here to view the petition.

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