WATCH: Matthew Stafford plays on Lions trade in AT&T March Madness ad

Former Lions QB featured in ad

A new commercial aired this week featuring NFL star Matthew Stafford, who shares a message to Detroit disguised as a phone ad.

Former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford says he’ll never forget the 12 years he spent with... his old phone? Wait, what?

Yes, the former Lions QB and now Super Bowl winning QB is featured in a new AT&T commercial airing during the NCAA Tournament, where he has a bit of fun with the trade from Detroit to L.A.

The spot is about trading in your device, no matter how old. It’s fun and clever.

“So you can take your old phone that you’ve had for 12 years and loved every minute of it, and trade it in for something that suits your life now?” Stafford reads in the commercial, adding, “And enjoy immediate success? Even though you’ll never forget your old phone, ever,” with a wink to the camera.

Will we ever stop covering Matthew Stafford? The world may never know. Check out the spot in the player above.

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