Detroit Lions propose 3 rule changes for 2023 NFL season: A look at the proposals

Proposals must be approved by 75% of owners

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - JANUARY 08: Head coach Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions is seen on the field prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on January 08, 2023 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) (Stacy Revere, 2023 Getty Images)

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, you’re probably used to the rules working against you. The Lions are trying to change that.

In advance of upcoming league meetings, a handful of teams proposed changes to the NFL’s rulebook. Detroit proposed three changes, the most of any team. Philadelphia had two proposals. No other team had more than one.

The Lions rule change proposals are mostly centered around review and challenges --- here’s a look at the official text from the league:

  • By Detroit; amends Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9, to expand the coaches’ challenge system to include personal fouls called on the field.
  • By Detroit; amends Rule 15, Section 1, to provide clubs more opportunities for a third challenge.
  • By Detroit; amends Rule 15, Section 3, to expand the Replay Official’s jurisdiction to allow for consultation regarding penalty assessment.

One could argue that if any of the three changes were adopted last season, that Jalen Ramsey late hit penalty that potentially cost the Lions a playoff spot could have been reviewed.

Currently, teams can only earn a third challenge if they win the other two challenges.

Here are some other rule change proposals from other teams:

  • By Philadelphia; amends Rule 5, Section 1, Article 2, to permit the use of zero (”0″) as a jersey numeral; to allow kickers and punters to use any jersey numeral between 0-49 and 90- 99.
  • By Philadelphia; amends Rule 6, Section 1, to permit a team to maintain possession of the ball after a score by substituting one offensive play (4th and 20 from the kicking team’s 20- yard line) for an onside kickoff attempt.
  • By Los Angeles Chargers; amends Rule 4, Section 6, Article 3 and Section 7, Article 4, to make the adjustment of the play clock following an Instant Replay reversal consistent with other timing rules.
  • By Houston; amends Rule 15, Section 1, Article 2, to expand the Replay Official’s jurisdiction to allow for review on failed fourth down attempts.
  • By Los Angeles Rams; amends Rule 15, Section 1 and Section 3, to make fouls for Roughing the Passer called on the field subject to replay assist and/or review by a coach’s challenge.
  • By New York Jets; amends Rule 12, Section 2, Article 6, to expand the crackback prohibition to players who go in motion and go beyond the center to block (“split-flow block”) a defender below the waist.

All proposals must be approved by 75% (24) of the owners to be adopted.

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