WDIV anchors Mort Crim and Carmen Harlan reflect on 16 'magical' years -- and one fight

Both reflect on overcoming differences to become Detroit broadcast legends

DETROIT – Carmen Harlan and Mort Crim anchored WDIV's local newscasts for 16 years, most "magical."

"There's a certain thing called chemistry, and when it happens, it happens," Crim recalled. 

Harlan used a different word. 

"Magic," she said. "It was magical."

While the two worked seamlessly together over two decades, they each recalled one major disagreement, and it actually led to a serious rift. 

"I stopped speaking to him on the air," Harlan said. "I wouldn't look at him." 

Looking back, Crim recalled the spat was something about how the shows were divided, but the hard feelings didn't last. General Manager Alan Frank brought the two into his office and told them to work it out. 

Both Crim and Harlan remember the meeting. 

"Carmen and I sat down on the couch, we looked at each other, and just in a minute or so we started to laugh. We hugged each other said Isn't this silly we've been acting like children," he said. "That was the end of it. We never had any argument or serious disagreement after that." 

Harlan remembered the meeting. "He apologized," she recalled. 

The two set aside any differences and went on to years of memorable broadcasts. While the two came together at different points in their career - Crim was an award-winning journalist, Harlan was just two years into their career -- they forged a legendary Detroit broadcasting partnership. 

Watch the full an interview with Crim and Harlan above.