Tracking worst potholes in SE Michigan: Canton Center Road between Ford, Warren roads

A pothole on Canton Center Road between Ford and Warren roads. (April 4, 2017)

After about a week of collecting responses from ClickOnDetroit readers, there is one stretch of road in southeast Michigan which stands out among pothole offenders. 

Canton Center Road between Ford and Warren roads is apparently hostile territory for drivers who say they have been dodging potholes on this stretch of road for years, particularly at the Hanford Road intersection. 

"I live on Canton Center between Ford and Warren and it is terrible that I have to use that road daily," one person wrote. 

Another person called it "atrocious" and wrote "dirt roads are far better than that mess."

Although many respondents wrote the shorter stretch of Canton Center Road between Geddes Road and Michigan Avenue is much worse, far more pointed to the stretch between Ford and Warren roads as the prime culprit for potholes. Many respondents simply wrote "Canton Center Road," as if to imply the entire road is filled with potholes. 

Naturally, we went to see for ourselves. We found several areas of the road with what can be described as a pothole rash. Both directions of Canton Center Road between Ford and Warren roads are covered in potholes. Many of them appear to be reopening over and over again despite the patch jobs, which is consistent with our survey respondents' testimonials. Here's a look at some of the worst spots:

Up to Wayne County to fix Canton Center Road

Because Canton Center Road is in a township and not a city, it is the county's responsibility, according to the township. County road workers are the ones you see out there patching the potholes. It's not the responsibility of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). In fact, a spokeswoman for MDOT said it's not their road but she is aware of the "horrific" potholes on Canton Center Road because she has to drive on it almost daily. 

Last year, Wayne County spent $30 million on 16 different projects which included concrete patching, road resurfacing and road construction in 21 communities. Canton Center Road was not one of those projects

UPDATE: County has $650,000 plan for Canton Center Road this year

Kaye Byrd, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Department of Public Service, said Canton Center Road will undergo concrete patching this year. The project is expected to be about $650,000. One lane of traffic will be open in each direction during construction, Byrd said. A start date will be scheduled later this year. 

You can tell the county where the problem areas are by filling out this online form -- click here. There you can let the county know about hazardous road conditions, such as potholes. 

Meanwhile, the intersection at Canton Center and Ford roads has been named one of the state's most dangerous by the Michigan State Police. There were 63 crashes resulting in 17 injuries at the Canter Center and Ford roads intersection in 2016. It's No. 4 on the list of most dangerous intersections in Wayne County.

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