Detroit pop-up helps you find the best plant to lift spirits during the pandemic

Owner Janelle Hamood with Medusa plant.
Owner Janelle Hamood with Medusa plant. (WDIV)

Find a plant that best fits you and support a local business this upcoming Small Business Saturday!

This weekend Soil & Trouble will be hosting their second pop-up event in Detroit. Soil & Trouble is a customizable plant boutique. Guests will have the option to pick a plant and pot combo that caters to their personality.

“My motivation came from the pandemic. I like to refer to the pandemic as a ‘plantemic.’ Everyone is searching for something to help them to beat this feeling of useless existence. I am an event planner by trade and obviously, it is hard to host events when people are not allowed to be together, so I had to put my heart and soul into something else. So I put it into plants and it made me really happy,” says Owner and “Plant Mama” Janelle Hamood.

Soil & Trouble’s pop-up will be held at Koussan Hamood PLC in New Center. Co-founder of the location, Ali Koussan, says “Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to support entrepreneurs who are suffering during these tough times in New Center and Detroit.”

Soil & Trouble will also have a featured artist By The Hand of Fatima at the event

Alongside this event, Soil & Trouble will be hosting mini pop-ups throughout Metro Detroit this weekend. There will be a small selection of complete products available at Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters in Detroit and Royal Oak.

The main pop-up event will take place this Saturday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., at Koussan Hamood PLC law firm located at 821 W. Milwaukee, Detroit. To stay updated with their events check out Soil & Trouble’s Instagram HERE.

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