Metro Detroit weather: Stormy midweek leads to lower temperatures next weekend

Low temperatures could drop into 30s by weekend

DETROIT – It feels like we put one in the bank after our summer-like weekend, but as you would imagine, we won’t get to hold onto these temperatures for next weekend.

A stormy midweek transition leads to below normal numbers Saturday and Sunday, and possibly some 30s in spots for morning lows.

Warm, muggy start

It's a weekend hangover of the good kind. Temperatures will remain in the low-to-mid 80s for Wednesday and Thursday. And it's going to stay muggy, too. Despite, our juicy conditions at the surface, temperatures are warm in the mid-levels too, so our thunderstorm chance is pretty slim until a cold front arrives with some added lift on Thursday.

These temperatures are about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. And if you were wondering, this May is no longer one of the top 20 coldest in Detroit history. That record-tying 87 on Sunday pretty much took care of that. Also Memorial Day Monday, didn’t set a record, but still finished in the mid 80s.

One solid storm chance

The cold front that we thought could be close enough to keep us wet most of this week, has decided to camp out west of the Twin Cities. That’s far enough away that we don’t have any large-scale storm triggers until it drags itself through late Thursday into Friday morning. Right now, it doesn’t look like any storms will be severe.

Big cooldown

On the other side of that front, we'll get rid of this early week humidity. But we'll have to trade about 20 degrees to do it! Friday, once the storms exit, we'll be able to reach the mid 70s. But Saturday and Sunday, highs will stop in the mid-to-upper 60s!

Those high temperatures are close to our lows from this past weekend. And speaking of lows, Saturday night we’ll see Metro Zone temperatures fall to the mid 40s. With mainly clear skies, expect to see 30s in parts of the West and North Zone. At least it will be coming with plenty of sunshine for both weekend days.

Goldilocks rebound

Temperatures will bounce back early next week, but not to the steamy near-record heat we got this past weekend. Expect upper 70s to low 80s for much of next week. That’s a bit above normal for the first week in June. Already!

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