Metro Detroit weather: Miserable Opening Day forecast, but better weekend

Cold front moves through Tuesday

Metro Detroit weather forecast March 30, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

DETROIT – It’s one-and-done for the unseasonable warmth, and Opening Day looks downright miserable. But check out the weekend!

A bit o’ rain

The cold front plowing through Tuesday night won’t have a lot of moisture with it. Just expect some light scattered showers starting in the late evening and wrapping up prior to daybreak Wednesday.

Gusty winds will still be around through early overnight, but calmer conditions will greet us for the morning commute.

Temperatures start Wednesday around 40 degree and won’t recover much, barely touching 50 in the afternoon. But the true depth of the cold air won’t be apparent until Thursday.

Winter-like Thursday

Expect to walk out the door Thursday morning to wind chills in the low and mid-teens. Even in the afternoon, it will feel like the 20s.

Air temperatures won’t make it to 40 in most locations, and then there’s the snow. A trough on the backside of Wednesday’s departing cold front will provide enough lift with lake help to produce a few snowflakes, maybe some persistent snow showers with some of the lake-enhanced bands.

Better chances will be on the east side and in the North Zone. We’re not expecting any accumulation with this, however.

Weekend recovery

Friday begins the climb back above normal, and there are plenty of mild days ahead. Both weekend days will finish in the mid-60s, with a decent amount of sunshine.

The dry stretch lasts from Friday until late Tuesday of next week. That will be rain, by the way, with a highs in the upper 60s.

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