Metro Detroit weather: Changes coming to heat, humidity, storm chances this weekend

Unseasonable warmth sticks around for Thursday

Metro Detroit weather forecast June 9, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast June 9, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

DETROIT – We’ve got a whole lot more of the same ahead of us, but there are a few changes from the ongoing heat, humidity and afternoon storms.

Eclipse Thursday

We haven’t talked all that much about it, but there will be a solar eclipse Thursday. Before you get too excited, this will be an “annular” solar eclipse, which is derived from the Latin word for ring. So even in spots that see 100% of the eclipse (which won’t be us), the sun will still be a ring around the moon.

In other words, the moon isn’t close enough to us to block all the sun. The best we’ll be able to see is 60% coverage, and it will be near the horizon at sunrise. So depending on your location, there might be buildings and trees blocking your view.

Plus, there’s likely to be at least some cloud cover around. Adding all those factors, it just won’t be as big of a show as a total eclipse.

But if you still want to look at it, remember to wear protective eyewear. Regular sunglasses are not good enough. If you don’t use special eclipse glasses, you can use a pinhole camera. An internet search will show you how to make a cheap and easy one.

Friday change

Thursday should end up like every other day this week. Temperatures will be unseasonably warm with a lot of humidity and afternoon/evening storms.

On Friday, it looks like the stationary front hanging out to our north will stay south of us for much of the day. That will drop the humidity a bit, from muggy and tropical to noticeable. That also should cut our PM storm chances significantly.

On Saturday we go back to business as usual before the big change comes Sunday.

Big switch

Just looking at the temperatures and icons in the 10-day forecast doesn’t do justice to Sunday’s improvement. Temperatures will still reach the 80s, but the humidity will be long gone.

Dew point temperatures will barely reach the 50s, which will feel extremely dry compared to the remainder of this week. Plus, we get all day sunshine with no storm threat. What’s not to love?

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