Metro Detroit weather update: Snow chances, winds relaxing

Wind advisory in effect Wednesday

The Michigan weather radar on Jan. 5, 2021. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Here is the Metro Detroit weather forecast update for Jan. 5, 2022, afternoon and evening.

Lake-effect snow chances through Friday

  • There’s still some snow falling out there, but most of it is to the west of us and up near the Saginaw Bay. Chances continue for the rest of Wednesday, mainly in those areas.
  • On Thursday and Friday, we’ll see some lake-effect bands set up, with the best chances being Thursday.
  • The bands that set up will drop visibility fast, and will give way to a quick accumulation, but it’s worth noting they’ll be pretty isolated.

Gusty winds relaxing

  • Gusty winds start relaxing from Wednesday afternoon.
  • Winds are still gusting over 30 mph for the rest of Wednesday, and over 25 mph Thursday.

Weekend weather

  • Rain is set to return late Saturday and into the overnight period.
  • A few showers may be around Sunday morning, then in the afternoon as cold air filters in, a few snowflakes will be possible.

Normal high at 32 degrees

  • Monday of next week (Jan. 10), the normal high is down to 32 degrees.
  • This is the coldest (whole number) high that we see in a calendar year, and it continues through Feb. 2.
  • Technically, the coldest normal high of the year is on Jan. 22, at 31.8 degrees. But for normal highs, the National Weather Service likes to round up.

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