Multiple systems to bring rain, snow to Metro Detroit this week -- what to expect

First round of rain moves into region from Monday afternoon, evening

It has been a fantastic weekend across Southeastern Michigan with plenty of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday, and after a little cloud cover worked in with the sunshine throughout our Sunday, we will return to an active forecast period as we look ahead into the upcoming work week.

Through the overnight hours tonight, expect the clouds to increase in advance of the first of two weather systems that will work into the region over the next 5-6 days. One system will head for us for the first half of the week, and one for the second half of the week.

Our first system moves into the region, beginning late on Monday night. We will remain dry for most of the day on Monday, with rain showers moving into the region as we work throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours. High temperatures heading to the lower 40 by Monday afternoon. This could start off as a light rain/snow mix for portions of the area before quickly going over to rain.

As our first area of low pressure moves off to the east working into our Tuesday, we will keep the rain showers in the forecast as we work throughout Tuesday afternoon and early on Tuesday evening. High temperatures remain well above average into Tuesday as we head into the upper 40s by Tuesday afternoon.

We will keep the cloud cover in the forecast as we work through Wednesday before our next system moves in as we work through the end of the week.

That starts with a little bit of a wintry mix of rain and snow as we work into the early morning hours on Thursday. As temperatures warm above freezing heading into Thursday afternoon, we will take this over to rain showers for everyone. High temperatures remain in the 40s by Thursday afternoon.

The one thing we will need to keep an eye on is the track of the low-pressure center working into Thursday and Friday. If the trend of the low continues to work South and East, this could potentially end up being a wintrier scenario for portions of the region at the end of the week.

As this low-pressure system moves off to the east, we will get colder air working into the end of next week on Friday. So rain showers will go over to snow showers as we work into the end of next week. High temperatures remain in the mid to upper 30s by Friday afternoon.

Looking ahead into the beginning of next weekend, we will keep the cloud cover in the forecast throughout the day, with skies remaining mostly cloudy. Cold temperatures remain, with most everyone heading into the 30s by Saturday afternoon.

About the Author:

Bryan joined the WDIV 4Warn Weather Team in May 2022 as a meteorologist, and is also an experienced middle & high school teacher.