SPOTLIGHT: Honor student and three-sport athlete wins 4Frenzy award

Meet Lutheran North H.S. senior Reese Hetherington

Reese Hetherington
Reese Hetherington (n/a)
  • Favorite subject: History
  • Favorite lunch: Chicken pita with a big cookie
  • Favorite artist: Chris Lane
  • Role model: Her parents

This year’s 4Frenzy Winter Fan Choice Award for Favorite Senior in the Girls Hockey category goes to Reese Hetherington! Reese has been on the Lutheran North High School varsity team since her freshman year. She had no idea how to handle a stick, but had skating experience from inline speed skating when she was younger. Lucky for her, when she was a freshman the team was small, so she was able to improve her skills with a lot of playing time.

Reese also does track and field, which helps her to keep in shape during hockey’s off-season. During her junior year, one of her friends talked her into cheerleading, too! Outside of athletics, Reese is also a member of the National Honor Society. She keeps busy!

Reese Hetherington (n/a)

Reese absolutely loves her hockey team and says that this has been their best year yet. Even though some of their best players were lost when they graduated, the team stepped up to play their part, which resulted in them performing even better than the year before. The coach, Paul Buscemi, actively encourages and puts faith in the team. Reese says he gives great motivational speeches when the team feels low about a game. Reese’s team and coach have made her realize that she would miss playing the sport after her senior year, so she has decided to play in college, at Concordia University.

To students who are deciding to play hockey, Reese wants to remind you not to get discouraged by challenges you face. “With hard work and determination over the past couple of years, I have learned that anything can be achieved. Don’t be intimidated by others and always be aggressive. It took me a while, but I finally learned that the way to excel in hockey is to always play aggressive and to give one hundred percent.”

On top of playing hockey at Concordia in Ann Arbor, Reese plans to major in nursing and hopes to work as a labor and delivery nurse or a pediatric nurse. Good luck, Reese, and congratulations on your 4Frenzy win!


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