SPOTLIGHT: Northville H.S. goalie wins Fan Choice Award

Meet 4Frenzy winner Joey Loebach

Joey Loebach
Joey Loebach (n/a)
  • Favorite subject: Accounting and AP Calculus
  • Favorite lunch: Brings his own healthy lunch
  • Favorite artist: Post Malone
  • Fun Fact: His team had special jerseys made for the Autism Awareness Night game they held
  • About Joey: In the National Honor Society, likes playing other sports and video games

Northville High School goalie Joey Loebach saves himself a spot in the winners’ circle of 4Frenzy’s 2020 Winter Fan Choice Awards! Joey started playing hockey at just three years old, probably due to his hockey-loving Canadian father. They started a program called Learn to Play Hockey at the Dearborn Ice Skating Center that early on and, with the help of his dad, Joey developed a love for the sport.

“Hockey has honestly been one of the best parts of my life growing up," Joey tells 4Frenzy. “This sport indirectly teaches you so much about life. It takes commitment, drive, and determination. You learn that you win some and you lose some. It teaches you that some people will believe in you and some won’t, but if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.”

Joey Loebach (n/a)

He’s also learned a lot from Coach Gordie Brown, his Northville coach. He is an individual who is very committed to the school and spends an enormous amount of time working on improving the team and helping the team to be better young men. “Be a player that coaches want to coach and not have to coach,” Joey advises players.

What Joey loves about his Northville team is creating a brotherhood with his teammates. He thinks it’s important to “be a good, supportive teammate.” This year the team had the pleasure of traveling to Calumet to play a great game. Joey really enjoyed this season and he appreciates his coaches and teammates for all their belief in him as a member of the team.

“I would tell kids starting hockey to enjoy every minute," says Joey. “Enjoy the life-long friendships that you will make. Enjoy the amazing memories you will be making. Enjoy the exciting moments on the ice. Most importantly, I would tell them to have fun.”