SPOTLIGHT: Student musician plays seven instruments

Jazmyn Wall from Cass Tech wins 4Frenzy Award

4Frenzy - Jazmyn Wall
4Frenzy - Jazmyn Wall
  • Favorite Place in Detroit: Any historical site where she can learn something new about Detroit
  • Favorite Artist: Any old school R&B artist
  • Role model: Dr. Patricia Uddyback at DMC Harper Hospital and family friend Arrice Chanel who is working to become a doctor.
  • Fun Facts: Performed with the marching band and met President Barack Obama at Cass Tech. Loves to paint and make things.

Jazmyn Wall is an incredibly talented musician and is also 4Frenzy’s winner for Band in the Performing Arts category! Jazmyn started playing her first instrument when she was in first grade, and now she plays seven different instruments including violin, piano, saxophone, mellophone, clarinet, bass, and guitar! She’s even learning the french horn.

An accomplished musician and student

With all her band activities and extracurriculars, Jazmyn is a very busy student! She is the president of both the marching band and orchestra A, Section Leader of the mellophones and saxophones in the marching band, first chair in symphonic and jazz band, vice president in the Medical Career Club, director of education in Big Brother Big Sister, and a member of the National Honor Society.

4Frenzy - Jazmyn Wall (WDIV)

Outside of school she’s even a member of the Creative Jazz Ensemble at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Youth group and participates in the College Club at the Southeastern Urban League. All that hard work has earned her many successes, such as first place blue ribbon with her alto saxophone solo and orchestra quartet at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Festival in January.

Jazmyn Wall and Local 4's Evrod Cassimy (WDIV)

All this isn’t surprising for a girl who says herself that she loves challenges, competition, and keeping busy. She’s been involved in entertainment since she was little, from dance class to vocal lessons, she’s done it all! She likes to stand out, and her drive will certainly get her places in the future.

Her goal is to major in Music Education or in Pre-Med to become an OBGYN. She has also thought about becoming a music therapist to give her a way to combine medical care and music.

4Frenzy - Pastor Marvin L. Winans, Dr. Patricia Uddyback, and Jazmyn Wall at the Medical Mentor Pipeline Program Award Ceremony (2019) (WDIV)

Being in band

According to Jazmyn, orchestra director Ms. Deanna Burrows is one of the best teachers in the Cass Tech High School music department. Ms. Burrows cares strongly for her students and wants the best for each of them. She is proud of what the band has accomplished so far and takes pride in teaching.

4Frenzy - Jazmyn Wall and orchestra director Ms. Deanna Burrows (WDIV)

All together, the orchestra is a mini family to Jazmyn. The group may disagree at times like any family, but at the end of the day they’re still together performing and representing the program that they all love. Jazmyn says she wouldn’t trade the orchestra for anything.

At Evrod’s Album Release performance with the Cass Tech Orchestra (WDIV)

Jazmyn’s advice to those wanting to become a musician is to "be patient with yourself and learn how to love your craft. Fall in love with it. Try out different instruments until you feel like you’ve found the one. You can play more than one!”

Congratulations on your 4Frenzy win, Jazmyn! We can’t wait to see what you do in the future!


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