Video: Meet Southfield A&T High School’s track and field team

Student athletes discuss the importance of hard work and discipline

A few Southfield athletes tells Local 4 what it's like to be a team and the important of discipline and hard work.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.Local 4′s Kim DeGiulio takes you to Southfield High School for the Arts & Technology to show you what it takes to be a track & field athlete.

While it’s very much an individual sport, when it comes to practice, it’s your teammates that will get you through it and push you to work even harder.

When Kim arrived, the guys and girls were warming up under head coach Najah Floyd’s direction. It’s Floyd’s second year on the job.

“I love it. I love watching them learn and grow, and I have so much knowledge to offer them because I’ve been through it,” she said.

As a former college track star at Central Michigan University, Floyd passes that knowledge to her team with advice like remaining disciplined.

You can watch Kim’s 4Frenzy feature story in the video player above.

“You can’t just show up to track every other have to come every day and work hard. That’s the kind of sport it is,” said the coach.

Junior Anthony Rush says that advice comes in handy, especially at the end of his races when she tells him to move his arms or take his knees up.

“So it’s physical, yes, but it also is very mental because if your mind is not there, then you’re not gonna make it,” he said.

Rush helps his team with the mental aspect of the sport by talking to them one-on-one. If they’re not doing well in practice, he’ll pull them to the side, give them a pep talk, and encourage them to do better.

The junior isn’t alone with that encouragement which is why Coach Najah says this team received so many nominations in WDIV’s 4Frenzy Spring Fan Choice Awards.

So whether you want to see the Warriors win or someone else you may have nominated, go to, where you can vote for them once per hour through April 27 at noon.

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