The 5 best movies with or about professional wrestlers

These flicks are for fans of kayfabe

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 Suburban Commando

Shep Ramsey’s (Hulk Hogan) ship crash-lands on earth and he is now stranded. While on earth, he stays with Charlie (Christopher Lloyd) and tries to blend in, which is impossible for him. This has the predictably hilarious consequences of putting Mr. Hogan in situations that have him doing things that are out of his usual macho element, like trying skateboarding and rescuing a cat out of a tree.

When his enemies arrive from space looking for him (one of them is of course played by the Undertaker) Shep has to fight back. This was a great kid’s movie at the time, but if you didn’t see it as a kid you might not like it now. Let's face it; Hulk Hogan wasn't exactly Brando, but he did have appeal to kids who thought tough adults walked around growling "brother!" at each other.

Ready to Rumble

Although the actual wrestlers who appear in it are only in bit parts, this movie made the list for its clear love of wrestling. "Ready to Rumble" tells the story of two best friends Gordie (David Arquette), and Sean (Scott Caan) who are super fans of the WCW champion Jimmy King (Oliver Platt). They finally have their chance to go see King wrestle live, but he loses and they are crushed. He’s not just beaten; all of the bad guys come from backstage to kick his butt. The final insult comes when the promoter tells Jimmy that he will not be wrestling in the WCW anymore.

Gordie and Sean decide that they must help their favorite wrestler get back to the top. This journey includes meeting retired wrestling coach Sal Bandini (Martin Landau), and recruiting wrestlers in WCW at the time to have the king's back. This movie holds up with its simple humor.

Fast 6

In the sixth installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise, our group of drivers teams up with the Rock to take down some bad guys. The hook in "Fast 6" is that the previously-thought-deceased Letty is not actually dead, and Dominic tells the team that they will be working with the Rock this time. From here we have the same fun action we normally have with one of these movies, it was just better than 5 so it's on the list.

You’re welcome, Rock.

Guardians of the Galaxy

David Bautista has played the character Drax in three movies now, including "Gaurdians of the Galaxy", "Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", and "Avengers Infinity War". When I was first informed that he would be acting I expected it to be horrible, and he surprised everyone. He is a very serious character with only one mission and takes everything literally.

As his character has grown through three movies now, we see him try to make jokes that come off so awkwardly that you can’t help but laugh. I’m sure everyone in the world has seen "Infinity War" by now, but if you haven’t this is probably the best acting performance by a former wrestler. He is great comic relief through both of the Guardians movies.

Man on the Moon

"Man on the Moon" is a biopic in which Jim Carrey portrays comedy legend Andy Kaufman. This movie spans the rise, fall, and eventual death of Kaufman. We get to see exactly what made Kaufman so great, including Tony Clifton, and playing jokes that only he finds funny. Near the middle of this movie we get to the part of Andy’s career in which he decides he wants to be a 'heel' wrestler and challenges Jerry "The King" Lawler to a match. (In real life Andy, and Lawler were friends, but apparently on set Lawler and Carrey didn’t get along.)

Lawler does a good job, but all that really matters is Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman. If you have an appreciation for comedy, wrestling, or both this is a movie that you should see at least once in life.

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