What cruise line changes to expect as more ships set sail amid pandemic

Cruising getting back into full swing

An industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, cruise lines are starting to set sail again -- and they've made some changes to help protect guests and staff from the virus.

Cruising was a popular way to travel before the pandemic stepped in, making the ships a perfect potential virus breeding ground with many people packed closely together.

Now, like many other businesses, cruise lines have implemented changes to their facilities and operations to resume trips while working to prevent the spread of COVID.

A recent traveler, David Fishman with Cadillac Travel, says the ship he sailed on had reduced capacity dramatically. Passengers were also asked to wear a wristband if they were vaccinated for COVID, which allowed them to enter certain, exclusive events on board.

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The food service aboard the ship was also different, as guests were served food rather than being able to serve themselves on the buffet line.

If you’re looking to book a trip on a cruise ship, experts say it’s important to also book travel insurance as the future is uncertain with the virus continuing to spread.

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