Get pumped for an epic U-M, MSU game with this gear to support your team

Michigan and Michigan State merchandise to purchase before the big game, courtesy of Fanatics. (Fanatics)

The chants of “Go Blue!” and “Go Green, Go White!” might be the loudest they have ever been throughout the state of Michigan this week.

For the first time since 1964, Michigan and Michigan State will meet on the football field when both are ranked in the top 10.

It’ll be an epic battle of 7-0 teams, and in light of that, it will be a great way to show support for whatever school you want to win.

If you’re in need of ideas to support the Wolverines or Spartans, check out these items from Fanatics.

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Hoodie zip-ups

U-M zip-up hoodie jacket. (Fanatics)
MSU zip up hoodie jacket (Fanatics)

Since it’s late October, you definitely want to be comfortable for the game, and what better way than these hoodies that zip up?

To view this product, click or tap here for the U-M jacket, or here for MSU jacket.

This U-M jacket

U-M jacket. (Fanatics)

Perfect for crisp fall days and even cooler nights, this will be stylish and help show any Michigan fan’s support.

To view this product, click or tap here.

This MSU hoodie

MSU white hoodie. (Fanatics)

This just screams out “warmth and comfort” on a fall day, all the while supporting the Spartans if you’re an MSU fan.

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Women’s necklaces

An MSU women's necklace. (Fanatics)
A U-M necklace. (Fanatics)

Who said you can’t support your team with some jewelry?

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Women’s hats

A U-M women's hat. (Fanatics)
An MSU women's hat. (Fanatics)

We are getting close to November, so temperatures are getting chilly. Stay warm and look stylish in these hats.

To view this product, click or tap here for the U-M hat, or here for the MSU one.

A Tom Brady jersey

Tom Brady U-M jersey (Fanatics)

Did you know that arguably the greatest quarterback of all time played for the University of Michigan?

OK, that’s obvious for many, but you can still own a Tom Brady jersey from when he played for the Wolverines.

To view the jersey, click or tap here.

Athletic shoes

U-M athletic shoes. (Fanatics)
MSU athletic shoes (Fanatics)

If going to the game, what better way to walk to and from the stadium than to have these on your feet?

They are available in both maize and blue, and green and white, depending on what squad you’re supporting.

To view these products, click or tap here for the U-M shoe, or here for the MSU shoe.

Michigan gaming chair

A U-M gaming chair (Fanatics)

For those who love the maize and blue, wouldn’t this look good in front of your video game console throughout the week and beyond?

To view this product, click or tap here.

An MSU picnic table

An MSU picnic table (Fanatics)

Don’t have any place to put your tons of food during the tailgate, MSU fans? Well, try this picnic table adorned in the school’s colors and logo.

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